Releasing nginx-le

Releasing Nginx-le

If you are involved in developing Nginx-LE you will get to the point where you need to make a release.

Nginx-LE uses the pub_release package to do simultaneous releases. Pub Release in turn uses the critical_test package to run the unit tests as part of the release process.

pub global activate pub_release
pub global activate critical_test
cd cli

pub_release multi

Select the appropriate version no. when prompted and pub_release will do the rest.

The cli/tool/pubrelease_multi.yaml file controls the order the packages are published in.

Pub Release will release each of the three packages and also push the docker container.

release details

The above noted pub_release process automates each of the below processes.

Manual Release process

If you want to manually release the packages (not recommended).

There are four components that need to be released

The three dart components:

  • nginx-le/cli

  • nginx-le/container

  • nginx-le/shared

You must also publish nginx-le/shared first as the other two packages can't be published until the shared package is released.

Finally you need to publish the Nginx-LE docker image using:

docker push

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