The acquire command allows you to acquire a certificate.

The acquire command is mainly used by the nginx-le team, you should normally configure nginx-le to auto acquire certificates.

Possible usages:

  • you have had to revoke a certificate and need to force a new certificate to be acquired. In this case use the nginx-le revoke command followed by then nginx-le acquire command.

  • an error occurred during auto acquisition and acquisitions have been blocked by nginx-le for 15 minutes. Running nginx-le acquire clears the block flag.

To acquire a certificate use nginx-le acquire command:


nginx-le acquire

Note: The acquire command can take upto 5 minutes + to acquire a certificate due to delays in DNS propagation but is normally much quicker.

If you have rolled your own Docker or docker-compose configuration then you can still use the cli tools if you first run nginx-le config.

If you can't use the Nginx-LE cli tools then you can still use the 'in-container' tools.

To manually run the internal acquire command first attached to the Nginx-LE container and then run acquire.

nginx-le cli

Once you have run acquire Nginx-LE will automatically renew certificates.

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