Cli commands

Nginx-LE cli tooling

Nginx-LE provides optional cli tooling to manage your Nginx-LE instance.

The cli tooling is based on dart and the DCli library.

To install the cli tooling:

(If you already have dart installed you can go straight to step 3.)

  1. Install dcli install guide

  2. Restart your terminal

  3. Activate Nginx-LE

pub global activate nginx_le

On linux this amounts to:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install --no-install-recommends -y wget ca-certificates gnupg2
wget -O dcli_install
chmod +x dcli_install
export PATH="$PATH":"$HOME/.pub-cache/bin":"$HOME/.dcli/bin"
pub global activate nginx_le

The DCli installer also installs dart (if its not already installed).

The Nginx-LE cli exposes the following commands:





Builds the docker image.

Only required if you need to customise the code the image runs on.


Configures nginx-le and creates the docker container.

You must run config before you can run any other commands (except build).


Starts nginx-le

Starts the nginx-le docker container


Restarts nginx-le

Restarts the docker container


Stops nginx-le

Stops the docker container.


Acquires or renews a Lets Encrypt certificate

The method used to acquire a certificate depends on the Auth Provider selected when you ran nginx-le config. If you are using the AUTO_ACQUIRE mode then this action happens automatically.


Revokes the current Lets Encrypt certificate

Full certificate revocation. You need to run revoke/acquire if you change the type of certificate between production and staging.


Attaches you to the Docker container in a bash shell.

Play inside the nginx-le docker container.


Tails various logs in the container

Example of running Nginx-LE command

nginx-le config

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