Building Nginx-LE

Most users of Nginx-LE will never need to run a build. The build tooling is primarily used by the Nginx-LE development team and if you need to customize the code that underpins the Nginx-LE docker image.

When do you need to use the build command?

For details on creating or modifying the docker file see Create aDockerfile

To build the Nginx-LE image run:

git clone
nginx-le build --image=<repo/image:version>


The build command takes a number of switches.


The required --image switch sets the docker image/tag name (repo/image:version) for the image.

e.g. --image=noojee/nginx-le:1.0.0

The switch can be abbreviated to -i.


The optional flag --update-dcli causes the build to pull the latest version of dart/dcli rather than using the docker cache instance.

You only need to add this switch if you have an existing build and you need to update the dcli/dart version.


The optional flag --debug outputs additional build information.

The flag can be abbreviated to -d.

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